Finding a network of support through the Award

For Bronze Award participant Tereza, from Czech Republic, the Award brought new hope and motivation in difficult times. She tells us about how her Award journey has in turn helped her support others during COVID-19 here.
Tell us about your Award journey – why did you decide to start your Award?

I started with the Award due to a very unfortunate event in my life. Sadly, my plan to continue the studies in the same field as before (Psychology) didn’t work out after finishing my Bachelor’s degree. I felt very sad because of it, and it was exactly in this moment when I saw an advertisement for the Award on the internet. I wanted to try something new and I signed up the same day.

What do you like about the Award?

What I really like about the Award is the fact that it connects several areas of activities as well as its worldwide fame and prestige.

What do you find challenging about the Award?

The most challenging part for me personally was the Physical Recreation activity, since my hobbies before the Award have been dominated by leisure and art related activities.

What sort of challenges are you facing in your day-to-day life, as a result of COVID-19? How has this impacted you?

The situation during the global pandemic has been difficult for me, mainly because of the fact that I can’t attend my regular lectures at the university and meet my friends there. The situation at home has also changed as we need to protect our grandparents more and, for example, secure their grocery shopping.

Is the Award helping you to deal with these challenges? If so, how?

The Award helped me to fill my free time with activities, since I couldn’t spend my time otherwise due to lockdown. I was not bored and, in addition, I was able to spend my time with meaningful activities such as helping other people.

Have you had to adapt your Award activities as a result of COVID-19? If so, how?

Because of COVID-19, I could not continue with my original Voluntary Service activity. Since my original voluntary activity involved walks with an old lady who relies on a wheelchair, I had to stop visiting her because of security of us both.

Tereza from the Czech Republic

Have you found any interesting solutions to help you continue with your Award during COVID-19?

I found out a new way how to help people in their difficult times. Friends and acquaintances started to contact me and they wanted to talk. It was obvious, that for some of them the situation was more difficult than for others. Therefore, as a student of psychology, I tried to help them at least by a small conversation.

Do you think being involved with the Award the Award helps you and your community at this time? If so, how?

I think that thanks to the Award, I was ready to adapt quickly and to be supportive to people who needed it during pandemic.

Do you have any other comments or ideas you would like to share?

I would also like to express my enthusiasm for the Award, as I really like its focus on a non-formal learning and learning through experience.