Learning to be ready

Increasingly, educators, policy makers and education regulators are recognising the importance of learning outside the classroom, and the opportunities that can be created to develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed for adult life and work.

Supplementing your formal curriculum with the proven non-formal education and learning framework of the Award is a powerful combination for your students – one which not only enables them to learn, but to learn to be ready to adapt and thrive in the future.

Boy standing on rock
…in the future, people will need far greater flexibility, resilience, capability, capacity to adjust, problem-solving and communication skills to deal with fast-changing times, constant innovation and ever more unpredictable circumstances. We have known this for some time, though perhaps many of us remain surprised, even shocked, at the pace it has come upon us."
Dr Howard Williamson CVO CBE FRSA FHEA,
Professor of European Youth Policy at The University of South Wales. Trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation

Become part of a global network of educators and offer your students the opportunity to benefit from the Award’s world-class non-formal education and learning framework.

Holistic education

Supplement your formal curriculum, helping young people grow outside the classroom, as well as in.

A global community

Your students can join around a million young people who are currently doing the Award around the world, in addition to millions of Award alumni.

Internationally recognised accreditation

The Award is recognised in more than 130 countries and territories. Award achievements are acknowledged by business leaders, universities and governments across the globe.

Ready for now and the future

New challenges will present themselves in and outside the classroom as the world begins to recover from the effects of COVID-19. Young people will need support to navigate these challenges, adapt to a new ‘normal’ and maintain strong mental and physical health.

The Award enables young people to learn to lead and be a leading force in their communities, developing characteristics which will not only help them now, but also in the years to come. Help them to take positive action at a time when the world needs them more than ever.

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