Reinforcing the story and impact

We will always rely on anecdotal evidence as Award holders are our most powerful advocates. However, our digital transformation enables us to gather and process much more data than simply our annual statistics. Working with PwC UK we are developing a model and research methodology based on the theory of change to determine the social value of the Award. This means that we are now able to measure and quantify the financial and non-financial impacts that people and their communities experience as a result of being involved in the Award.

A number of countries have started to test the model with some very positive results in spite of the fact that there are significant gaps in our basic information. Now we know what we’re looking for we can improve our means of gathering. What is also exciting is seeing the realisation among our National Award Operators of the value of such research, how the results help to provide evidence of the Award’s impact locally and the importance of gathering the necessary information. It also reinforces the case for more countries to make the digital transformation and for the financial assistance to enable it to happen

In addition to social value, we have designed and implemented a number of research initiatives to uncover and evidence the impact of the Award around the globe. These include satisfaction surveys, research into the outcomes and impacts of the Award, the Award’s contributions to Sustainable Development Goals and other more bespoke activity. Much of this work is truly ground-breaking and attracting considerable interest from both research establishments as well as youth organisations.

A Theory of Change