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New Zealand
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Never lose your tenacity.In the gym, the strength of your grip over a weight can help you determine if you can lift it or not. When the weight is on the ground, your grip feels the strongest.Likewise, for everything in life, if you are at the rock bottom, get a strong grip of the things surrounding you.Be angry that you don't have it like others, be mad at your condition. Grasp your surroundings with a crushing force. Take control.And slowly, as you start pushing off, you will reach your apogee. But once you are there, you will realize that there's another mountain to climb.In time, your head will be in the clouds. Your achievements will have stacked more than you can track them. This is my analogy for success, take control and accountability for everything around you.Thank you DoE for inspiring generations of youth to pursue ambitious goals and challenge themselves. The DoE program has evolved me into a responsible, confident, optimistic, and ambitious young man, and now, this is the way I am.
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