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New Zealand
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To build some muscle, you must be ready to tear some down. After working out and tearing your muscles, you recover, and your muscles rebuild themselves bigger. Nearly everything in life is like this. To gain something, you must be willing to sacrifice something. Take Chess for example, oftentimes you setup traps and sacrifices so that your opponent can consciously gain a piece, but your sacrifice is their blunder. You will have gained a better position on the board. Similarly, we must be aware of our gains and losses in real life in order to reach a peak of success. This is exactly what has allowed me to achieve in several endeavors, not just in a single specialization. Because of Duke of Ed, I have developed my range in a variety of skills instead of just one, and for that, I am grateful.Thank you DoE for inspiring generations of youth to pursue ambitious goals and challenge themselves! The DoE program has evolved me into a responsible, confident, optimistic, and ambitious young man, and now, this is the way I am.
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