Photo comp: Benjamin Tubman, South Africa
Benjamin Tubman
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
My favorite memory was defiantly the adventurous journey. The trip on canoes down the Orange River was amazing, the views were beautiful, and being out in nature was refreshing.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
The biggest challenge would have had to be part of the adventurous journey, in keeping the canoe from capsizing while navigating through rapids, and trying to avoid colliding with rocks.
South Africa
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
I am continuing with my Physical Recreation (Karate), as well as my Community Service (serving in my local church's children's ministry department). It was the last night after our trip to canoe down the Orange River on the border of South Africa and Namibia. We had arrived back at base camp in time for the sunset, and this photo was taken on the Namibian side of the river, from the balcony extended over the Orange River.
Award Role: