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The photo was taken during my residential project. I was helping out in a mountain hut. The mountain hut is located in Italy at an altitude of 2000 m.a.s.l. No internet and the network was only working partially. We were a group of six helping out. The boss was around 60 years old and the others had the same age as me. They quickly became family. We were living together and sleeping in the same room. During the day there was a lot to do due to the fact that the hut was very popular during the day. Only a few stayed to sleep. So in the evening we had our time off, which was very needed on Saturdays and Sundays, where it was the most crowded and we didn’t finish serving until 4pm. This picture was the room we were sleeping in all together like a big family. This experience made me realise how different their lifestyle is from mine. Due to the fact that the hut was only accessible by hiking, which means that no car could drive up to the hut, we had to bring up and down everything by ourself on our own shoulders. we had to do several “viaggi” they would call them which means translated into English “trips” a day. Everything had to be planned and we’ll thought out. During this project, I learned to appreciate the little things in life. We would for example be beyond happy when we stargazed during the evening. In no other place like that we saw stars so clear!
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