Photo comp: Frank, Ghana
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I was not interested in the group called Head of State Award scheme (HOSA) but our Sir called Richmond Nyamekye who is our government teacher said to us, "this group helps the young ones to gain knowledge in our future work and also can help you to become creative". So later I joined it because I do not know the work will do in future or what I will become. It was so good when we had our first semester vacation. They gave a letter for us the young ones to go search for our future work or do something that will help our community but unfortunately, I did not get my letter so my interest in it got broken. However, through learning, I wanted to become a Pilot. But later my interest got broken again because I said to my self how can a poor boy like me become a Pilot but interestingly a man told me one day your dreams will come true so I got my interest back again. No matter what happens, I Frank will become who I want to become for the Lord is with me. If I don't have much knowledge or if I am a poor I know one day my dreams will come true.
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