Photo comp: Fridah Karimi, Kenya
Fridah Karimi
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
My favourite memory of the Award was during the hiking. Since we put into groups and everyone was assigned a role in the group. I remember the first day I was the last to get to the checkpoint but I was accompanied by other people but from their groups. At this point my group members had given up because I was the slowest in our group. I felt disappointed but I knew it was all my fault. The day I thought to myself That I will not be tired but if I will be I will still persevere to be at least the first people to get to the checkpoint. I remember very well our group was the first one to get the camping site this time round and I was so proud of myself. This spirit I continued with it up to the last day.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
In my group I was the flora and fauna person. I was expected to present which living thing I have found on my way that seemed strange to everyone. During this experience on my I could encounter strange things tings to everyone but I did not know how they were referred to . This prompted to to ask those who live there. By the time I got to the checkpoint and i was asked the what I encounter I had forgotten since it a knew word for me. Language barrier was a challenge since i am from different. The assessor would give me a punishment of doing 20 push ups of which was really hard.
Tell us the story behind your photo:
This photo is a memory of the first day we got into the camp site. I was tired because of the long journey since the place was far away from school IN the camp site we supposed to prepare supper but everyone was tired. I uploaded it because because it gives me the memories of the day i changed the environment from school. The environment was not friendly but i was a good experience since i explored how the other parts of the country looks like.
Award Role: