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So this is a story of painted skies and its glory. So when I joined this Award I selected photography as my first skill activity .At the beginning I didn't know what to do and how to begin but through the help and guidance of my assessor and my Award leader I was able to navigate through. Honestly, when I began photography I had no idea of what pictures to take. So one day as I was walking home from school I looked at the sunset and suddenly all I wanted to do was to take photos of it. And that is where my photography journey began. I felt the warmth of its colours and it was felt like a healing moment for me. Since then I've seen hundreds of sunsets and I have tried to capture every moment. Each one has new clouds and distinct colours which hits the sky uniquely. I have grown to love sunsets no matter how bad my day gets. On my sad days I always look at them and they ease my mind and warms my heart. Sunsets have taught me that they can be beautiful endings and this has kept me going each and every day and it has given me a reason to be thankful for each and every sunset that I get to see. I have been trying to make it to as many sunsets as I can. Life is better with sunsets in it. Am obsessed. I'd rather watch the sunset than Netflix.
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