Nehir Tunca
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
My favorite memory of the Award was definitely being free to paint my canvas. No one was limiting me and I continued by adding comments on my own. This is truly a great experience.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
The hard part for me was that this painting was made with oil paint and it was huge. because I tried oil painting for the first time thanks to Gold category. I had also experienced watercolor for the Bronze category before. Watercolor was also definitely challenging for me. but I am very grateful for the work that I was completely happy to finish in the end, despite the thinner smell and the fear of not being able to fix it.
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
Yes, of course I continued! The rewards program has given me so many experiences, friends and memories that I will never forget. I can say that I found myself especially when I entered the field of painting. I still continue to paint. I set my goals in the direction of painting and I strive for this. I want to open my own personal exhibition and even make articles and speeches where I can tell people about my experiences.
Tell us the story behind your photo:
Here is a photograph of just one of the moments when I lost myself in the spirit of painting. Sometimes when I wanted to get away from school, home or my friends, I used to paint since I was little. I really started doing it with techniques in the bounty program. When I started doing it with techniques, I felt more excited. I started to become free. The animal I think is the most free is definitely the horse for me. I wanted to collect a work in which I became free with the free spirit of horses. And I started making this painting. My origin story was freedom. With this painting, I symbolized my own freedom. Many more free paintings!
Award Role: