Photo comp: Mohammed, Ghana
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Mohammed is my name. During my first expedition in the Bronze Award to be precise, I never imagined it was going to be that amazing. Going on that expedition was a plus in a sense that it has made me able to socialise more as I am an introvert but through this camping experience, l am now more than an extrovert. Moreover the expedition has made me realize how life is being lived in the village. The village that was given to my group and l as our campsite was fun. How the folks related to us alone was something to write home about. The "Odikro" was loving and caring. Where l hail from and reside honestly l have never carried a bucket of water on my own neither have l used the water pump before, nor have my bath by the riverside. But the expedition gave me a different experience. We went to fetch water in pans and it was fun seeing myself carrying water on my head Wow 😲. Honestly l thought living in luxury was nice but my wealthy siblings are really lacking. With this, l urge my colleagues and the upcoming Award participants to be determined in the expedition because it's fun loving.
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