Photo comp: Mwanzangu Njama Briton, Kenya
Mwanzangu Njama Briton
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
My favourite memory was on my first adventurous Journey (Bronze Qualifying Journey) when I joined the award. I actually wasn't sure about the day of travelling only to be called one afternoon, someone asking me that the Bus was about to leave. That time I hadn't even prepared so I ran to my hostel packed my things in less than 5 minutes, lucky me all my clothes were clean. I entered the bus not knowing exactly what we were going to do. I only heard my fellow participants (whom I hadn't met before since I was new to the institution too) telling me that once I Conquer the trails that we were going to hike then there will be no other trail that will be difficult for me. All I knew was that I was going to do something challenging but I didn't even know the meaning of a trail or hike given that I come from the flat Coastal areas of Kenya with small hills. Only to reach at a destination full of steep and tall hills that I hadn't seen before that we were supposed to be hiking on for 4 days. Despite the challenges I'm proud that I made it on my two days of hiking and also managed to add another day as I supported the other participants who were doing their Gold Qualifying Journey. I later learnt that as a young person you should be ready anytime, for opportunities and challenges always come unaware and one is supposed to be ready all the time so as to Conquer some of the challenges that we may face.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
The challenge that I have faced while doing the award is lack of enough resources to pursue my passion. I realised I had a passion for photography while doing my Bronze level whereby I was doing Photography as a skill, but I've never been in a good financial position to buy and own a digital Camera which I can use to capture the best memories of my life and other peoples and  share the art to the world, for I do believe that the best photos always bring a smile to people some who maybe going through a lot in life and need that smile. Instead I have been using my Phone's Camera and at times I borrow Cameras from friends to capture the best moments that I come across.
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
Yeah sure. I love Photography and at times ask some friends if I can volunteer in shooting their youtube vlogs using their phone cameras. Sometimes I may see strangers struggling to shoot their tiktok videos and I volounteer ro help them. I also create Reels and share them on my WhatsApp status and on Instagram too so as to share the joy and happiness that comes with good videos and photos.
Tell us the story behind your photo:
I took this photo on a silver Adventurous Journey organised by our institution. We were really tired that day after hiking the whole day on a hilly terrain. That evening some participants chose to play different games, some were on football, some playing cards and others playing basketball, but I and some of my friends decided to find a nice spot to chase the sunset which was therapeutic and enough for someone to forget about being tired. It was one of the best sunsets that I had ever seen and I really wanted to capture atleast a photo of a Silhouette on that beautiful Sunset.
Award Role:
Award Leader