Wynn Loiselle-Shire
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
This summer while completing the Adventure Journey for my Silver Award I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a week on a tall ship sailing the Great Lakes in Canada. The experience itself was amazing - the memory that will stick with the most is an evening of fun with people from different areas in Canada. We played some card games, swam to shore and watched sunset before returning to the tall ship.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
Continuing to work and over come obstacles particularly working on and completing my Bronze Award during COVID.
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
Sailing and Art
Tell us the story behind your photo:
The picture of sunrise was taken aboard the St Lawrence II during my Silver Adventure Journey. The ship had just left Cleveland, OH and was sailing on Lake Erie. The picture was taken during my morning watch duties on board This was the start of my second week on board the ship which was part of a m’n amazing journey. It started with flying from Winnipeg to Toronto and then to London, ON where a friend of my mom picked me up and kept me overnight before bringing me to the docks the next morning. At the docks the captain had a false positive in a rapid COVID test. Unfortunately this meant the captain couldn’t continue with us. We had a temporary captain take us down the Welland Canal. The original journey didn’t go entirely as planned. As a result of the situation I was given the opportunity to stay on the boat for a second week including spending a weekend on board the ship with the crew attending a tall ship festival and seeing boats and crews from all over before starting the sail up through to Lake Huron to finish docking at Southampton. From there I was picked up by another one of my mothers friends and kept overnight before I flew off to British Columbia to attend a cadet sailing camp for 6 weeks while my luggage was sent directly from home. I learned adaptability, changing with the circumstances and managing unexpected circumstances.
Award Role: