The Award’s global social value continues to rise

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Foundation has announced the global social value impact of the International Award in 2022.

Out of 214,091 Awards gained, an impressive £762 million of global social value was generated through young people who completed their Award in 2022, and those who supported their Award journey, across more than 120 countries.

The 2022 figures are an increase over the previous year (2021), when global social value impact of the Award was valued at £509 million.

And with a projected future global social value of £1,974 million to be generated through the continued habits of those Award Holders, it demonstrates the significant impact that the Award can have long after a participant has completed their Award. 

Social Value is positive impact created by the Award for and through its stakeholders, valued in monetary terms. Since 2017, the Foundation has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers UK (PwC) to understand the societal level impact of the Award.  

Together we have developed a robust methodology to measure this, producing pioneering research which looks at the positive impact of the Award on young people, adult mentors, and wider society. 

Young people experience social value through their participation in each Award section; these activities have been shown to increase regular skills practice, regular physical activity, and regular volunteering as well as increase confidence, agency, social inclusion, and provide relief from anxiety, for example.  

Adult mentors experience value through volunteering, increased physical activity from joining participants on their Adventurous Journeys, and learning new skills by completing Award training which sometimes translates to increased earnings.

Society benefits come through the hours young people spend volunteering for local charitable and community causes during their Voluntary Service section and Gold Residential Projects.  

Of the £762 million generated in global social value in 2022: 

  • 48% was generated through support to charitable and community causes  
  • 35% was generated through improved mental health and wellbeing   
  • 11% was generated through improved social cohesion   

 You can read the full 2022 Global Social Value Report HERE.