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Instead of a photo, I am submitting a video that completely summarises the dynamic of my hiking group. For starters, my group leader Chelsea would create roll calls, to ensure that no group member would get lost. Each day we would create a new rhyme or story, where everybody had a word, and we would know that if the story didn’t make sense, then somebody was missing. However, on day 3 of our Adventurous Journey, one of our group members started singing The Pina Colada Song by Rupert Holmes nonstop, and it drove everybody mad. However, by the next hour we all had the song stuck in our heads and could not help but sing it out loud. Then, it became our next roll call!! This video was taken on our final hike, about two hours before we went back to base camp to pack up and meet our parents. We had finished our hike early, and decided to find a nice lookout spot to have a snack, sit, talk, and make tea. Our group leader took this video, to let us remember all the fun we had on our camp.
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