Using social media for positive change

Meta, from Indonesia is 15 and starting her Award journey. An active social media user, she has recently been involved in the Award’s takeover of the Royal Family’s Instagram Stories to celebrate International Youth Day.
Tell us about your Award journey – why did you decide to start your Award?

I think it is a good opportunity to learn a lot of new things, especially leadership skills.

What do you like about the Award?

It allows me to experience something new and beneficial in my daily life.

What do you find challenging about the Award?

Maintaining my activities.

Metta from Indonesia

What sort of challenges are you facing in your day-to-day life, as a result of COVID-19? How has this impacted you?

There aren’t really any challenges but I have less interaction with others and I find it difficult to have activities outside.

Are you using your Award (and particularly your Voluntary Service section) to help your community deal with the challenges of COVID-19? If so, how?

Yes. Me and other Award participants have posted a video about what to do during the pandemic and we’ve shot other videos about social distancing.