The Special Projects grant giving programme

Our research shows that through engaging in voluntary service, taking part in physical recreation, discovering personal interest and talents, and learning about leadership through adventurous journey, young people become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged learners. Amongst other things, they learn to problem solve, be adaptable, become good communicators and leaders, and be resilient to change.

Whilst this style of learning can positively impact all young people, non-formal education can be particularly powerful for those who may not be able to access a full formal education – such as refugees, those living in poverty, young parents, those with physical or learning disabilities or those from an at risk or marginalised background.

The Special Projects grant giving programme is striving to ensure all young people have access to the Award – and seeks to achieve notable growth in the numbers and diversity of young people participating in, and achieving, the Award worldwide. There are three key strands to the programme:

  • Improving Access to the Award and overcoming perceived barriers to entry;
  • Increasing Reach and helping national operators to develop and expand services and;
  • Improving Impact or assisting delivery organisations to enable more young people to achieve their Award.

How to support Special Projects:

With your help, we can enable even more young people to be able to experience the powerful benefits of non-formal education. If you are interested in finding out how you can support Special Projects, please contact the Development team at [email protected]