To mark the 100th year of our Founder, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, we have launched something very exciting. Something that everyone can get involved with… Challenge100!

We’re inviting you take on a very special challenge of your own, all around the number 100, and raise much-needed funds for the Award in the process.

Maybe you have fond memories of doing the Award yourself, maybe you never got the chance to do it, or maybe you’d just like to challenge yourself and learn something new?

Well, this is your chance! Anyone can get involved; friends, family, neighbours… everyone is welcome. You can take on Challenge100 on your own or as part of a team.

Every year, millions of young people around the world take part in the Award; stepping outside of their comfort zones, building confidence and resilience, developing transferrable skills and helping their communities. And we want that to continue for many years to come.

As a charitable organisation, it is vital that we raise funds to ensure the Award can continue to grow, making it accessible to more young people, especially those in at-risk or marginalised groups.

And taking part in Challenge100 is a fantastic way to help us do this.

So, how do you get involved? It’s simple!

Welcome to the CHALLENGE100


C100 how it works

Choose your challenge:  Pick your activity, using the Award’s sections for inspiration – Skills, Physical Recreation, Voluntary Service and Adventurous Journey. Whether it’s minutes, bakes, words or steps, just make it 100.

Raise money:  Set your fundraising target – and get friends and family to sponsor you.

Make noise:  Share your updates, photos and videos via #AwardChallenge100 and #WORLDREADY – and encourage more people to get involved. The more of us that sign-up, the more money we can raise to help young people transform their lives around the world.

Unlock your pin:  As a special thank you, if you raise over 100 (£, US$, AU$, Can$, Euros) you will receive a special commemorative pin that you can wear with pride.

Feeling inspired? Sign up now!

Fundraising Tips & Tricks


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides a global framework for non-formal education and learning, supporting millions of young people to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.

As a registered charity, the Award does this through a simple but effective social franchise model, run by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation, and delivered through a network of international operators in more than 130 countries and territories.

Through this, and with the help of hundreds of thousands of dedicated staff and volunteers, we are able to help millions of young people around the world, to discover their infinite potential. Open to all young people aged 14-24, regardless of background, culture, physical ability or interests; the Award is genuinely inclusive. It can be a powerful tool to support young people leading particularly challenging lives – such as those with a disability, living in poverty, young parents, refugees, young offenders, and those who are at risk or marginalised.

Whilst its framework does not differ from country to country, it can be uniquely tailored to every participant, to ensure it is nationally, culturally and personally responsive and relevant to each and every young person involved. Our Award family is comprised of a wide variety of youth-focused partners, including schools, youth groups, employers and custodial institutions.

As a charity, funding and supporter donations are vital in ensuring we continue to grow and reach more young people than ever.

Much-needed funds can help us support our Award family in a multitude of ways, including extending our network of volunteers and operators – and subsidising Award fees, where necessary, to ensure that it is truly affordable for any individual, family, or community organisation.

Together, we can help more young people unlock their infinite potential.


The Award in India | Blind Boys’ Academy

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award gives participants agency; a sense of responsibility to participate in the world and influence for the better.

With your support, we can ensure that more young people can access the Award, such as those in the Blind Boys Academy in Kolkata, India.

Blind Boys’ Academy runs the Award, known in India as the International Award for Young People (IAYP), where students “can shape themselves and create a better future that can help them stand on their own two feet.”

“By helping others they are helping themselves. When they leave the Blind Boys Academy and go off to other institutions, they carry these ideas with them and ensure they continue to create a proper inclusive society.”

The Award in India | Blind Boys’ Academy

Fundraising for your country

Just like those mentioned above some countries are running their own versions of the Challenge100, so as to fundraise directly for in-country activity.


Duke of Ed Australia are launching their own Challenge100 on 12 August 2021.
Supporters will be invited to form a team and complete a joint challenge together, in order raise money for the Award in Australia. To keep up to date and find out how to sign-up, visit:


The Award in Czech Republic launched their ‘DofE100 Challenge’. Sign up now to raise funds for the Award. For every, 10 000 CZK raised, they will plant a tree in honour of Prince Philip’s legacy involving working with young people.

Find out more here:


Join The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA’s Challenge100!  Set yourself a challenge and help them raise their target of $85,000 USD. You can register as an individual or form a team with friends and family.

Find out more here:


The Award in Indonesia have launched many different Challenge100 initiatives, including a 100km bike ride raising GBP 750, producing and selling 100 jars of biscuits by the Bisquiet Team, raising GBP 300, and selling 100 limited batik helmets, crafted by a talented diffable artist, raising GBP 1750.

There are various ways you can get involved or donate, to help grow the Award in Indonesia. For more information, contact: [email protected]

Can’t see your country here?

Get in touch at: [email protected] and we can show you how to get involved, or raise money for the Award internationally here

Remember – it’s your Challenge100, your way, you really can do anything.