The tag line #WorldReady neatly sums up what the International Award does for so many young people by our wonderfully dedicated volunteers and staff. It has also proved exceptionally useful allowing participants, and indeed alumni, from any background or belonging to any organisation to employ the same phrase. Searching such a tag line brings up a wide range of related and truly heartening stories.

This line has evolved to reflect current circumstances and the International Award’s determination to be part of the solution as we emerge from the pandemic.

While it is our long-term ambition to achieve universal access, whereby every eligible young person will have the opportunity to participate in the Award, our much more immediate goal is to help inspire, transform and empower individuals, communities and societies.

Although the Award can have a transformative effect on everyone who participates, we have evidence it can have a disproportionately positive impact on those who are at risk or from marginalised backgrounds. We know we can do more and can still improve on the charity’s accessibility as well as our geographic and societal reach. Our aim is for at least 20% of all participants should be from the most at risk and marginalised communities for whom the Award can be truly life-changing.

We don’t do this on our own, but in concert with a wide range of organisations and agencies offering non-formal education and learning opportunities. It is more important than ever that, together, we reach the current and next generations of young people so that they can be truly world ready.

Companions publication infographic 2021